Florida Sky 'Split Apart Like Scroll' as Clouds Move In

A biological scientist recorded weather taking a turn in Citra, Florida, on July 12, splitting in two distinctive halves with blue sky on one side and clouds on the other.

Dylan C. Kovach, who works at the University of Florida’s Plant Science Research and Education Unit (PSREU,) told Storyful that he was at a blueberry plot when the “imaginary line” divided the sky.

“North-Central Florida is well known for its ‘five-minute showers’” Kovach said. “Strong, isolated thunderstorms develop in the afternoon that lead to quite spectacular moments of contrast in weather.”

The footage starts with an estival blue sky, before Kovach slowly pans and hits a neat line in the sky. The second half of the footage shows what he described as a “torrential downpour.” Credit: Dylan C. Kovach via Storyful

Video transcript