Mike Norvell coaching virtually ahead of Miami matchup after contracting COVID-19

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Florida State coach Mike Norvell will miss their rivalry matchup with Miami this week after contracting COVID-19.

Norvell, who is in his first season with the Seminoles, announced his diagnosis on Saturday after the latest wave of testing within the program.

“It’s extremely disappointing [to miss the Miami game],” Norvell said on Monday. “This game is one of the great games in all of college football. It’s one that when I got this job, this game, Florida, those are each and every year games that mean so much to so many ... Not being able to be active during the 3 1/2 hours the game is going to be taking place, it’s going to hurt, but the reality is I do get to make an impact, and I’ll get to make an impact in every aspect of our preparation, everything leading up to it.”

Norvell to watch game from home, coach virtually all week

Norvell has been quarantining at home since he learned he had contracted the coronavirus, something that was surprising to him as he said he followed all of Florida State’s safety protocols.

He is planning to be in isolation for at least 10 days, and could return to his post next Monday if all goes well.

It’s unclear if Norvell came in contact with any other Seminoles players or coaches just before or after his diagnosis, either, something that could lead to more people landing in quarantine. The team is set to undergo three rounds of testing this week.

“We’ve adhered to all our policies and protocols since my positive and going through that process of contact tracing, and I’m really appreciative of the administration and our players and staff for how we operate and what we do to limit that contact in all regards,” Norvell said. “We’ve gone through our process and feel very confident in how things will continue on within not only this week but the rest of the season.”

Norvell actually watched practice on Sunday from his home and led team meetings virtually — something he plans to do right up until their game on Saturday in Miami. Deputy coach Chris Thomsen will officially take Norvell’s place until he’s able to return.

Though it’s not perfect by any means, Norvell knows it’s the best solution.

“It’s not ideal but being able to make the most of it, I think that’s one of the great things about technology,” he said. “As we were going through the whole quarantine, we talked about sometimes the greatest challenges bring along some of the best blessings. The blessing of understanding and developing comfort in how we can operate virtually and the things that we can get accomplished I think definitely has prepared me for this moment in what we’re having to go through.”

Florida State coach Mike Norvell
Florida State coach Mike Norvell will miss their matchup against Miami this week after contracting COVID-19. (Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

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