Florida State Senate candidate sues fellow Republicans over 'racist' claims


Florida State Senate candidate Bowen Kou has filed lawsuits against the Florida Republican Senate Campaign Committee and Florida’s Voice, a conservative news outlet, for allegedly linking him to Chinese donors, including the Chinese Communist Party. The FRSCC is endorsing Rep. Keith Truenow, whom Kou is challenging for District 13.

  • What happened: The FRSCC has reportedly sent a series of mailers that question Kou’s donor base while referencing China and Chinese names. Florida’s Voice, on the other hand, published an article containing a false statement that referred to him as a “Chinese national.”

  • What he’s saying: Kou, who immigrated to the U.S. as a college student, is now an American citizen and entrepreneur. He describes the allegations as racist and is suing both parties for defamation, seeking $1 million from each. “These allegations sicken me, and I am disheartened that Truenow and the Florida Senate Caucus would attack me, a fellow Republican based on my heritage,” he told Florida Politics. “I am an American of Asian descent.”


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