Florida Wildlife Park Welcomes Newly-Hatched Baby Albino Alligators

Two baby albino alligators hatched at a wildlife park in Kenansville, Florida, after staff at the park collected eggs from adult albino alligators to breed them earlier this year.

Wild Florida posted a video to Facebook on August 10 to introduce the hatchlings. In the video, the park’s crocodilian trainer Andrew Biddle and Zookeeper Peter Gamble compare the newest albino alligators with another one that was born last year.

“So last year’s baby albino, and this year’s baby albino. How about that for size comparison?”, Biddle said in the video.

In a press release, the park said they collected 18 eggs from two adult alligators on April 30 that were then placed in an incubator to “maintain a stable temperature in a controlled environment.” An average incubation period is 60 days, the park said. Credit: Wild Florida via Storyful

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