Florida woman, 29, found dead in pond after ‘alligator attack’

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A woman found dead in a pond she regularly swam in had injuries consistent with an alligator attack, a sheriff has said.

The 29-year-old’s body was found by deputies in a retention pond near Tampa, Florida, on Sunday night.

The family of the woman told WFLA-TV that she was known to swim in the pond. They said they are grieving and asked for privacy.

Sheriff’s officials said the woman suffered injuries “consistent with an alligator attack,” but the medical examiner’s office would determine the official cause of death.

Deputies called the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and trappers to the scene to try to catch the gator, the release said.

“What a tragic ending to the 4th of July holiday for this woman’s family and friends,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said.

Fatal alligator attacks are rare. According to the FWC, there have been 23 fatal attacks since 1948.

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