Florida Woman Bakes and Eats Cake Resembling Used Cat Litter

A woman in Florida got into the spooky spirit of Halloween by baking a cake that was the stuff of nightmares.

In early October, Amanda Schmitt posted a video where she appeared to gather clumps of dirty cat litter and gobble it up.

The cake’s authentic look, coupled with Schmitt’s hilarious reaction to the camera, went viral and has been watched almost 22 million times by October 31, with viewers taking to the comments section to express their appreciation and revulsion at her work.

She told Storyful that she began making the cake for Halloween parties and what started as a “simple” crumbled cake of crushed Oreo cookies and Tootsie Roll poops, became more detailed over time.

“It transformed over the years to mixing frosting into the crumbled cake to create a more moist cake. This is the first year I came up with the idea to use marshmallow fluff and pee patties,” Schmitt said. “I also plan on adding yellow food color to the fluff in the future to give the pee patties a yellow hue,” she added.

The cake is always a hit at parties, according to Schmitt, and she enjoys seeing the reactions to it.

“It’s funny how some people flat-out refuse to eat it even after knowing it’s just a cake,” Schmitt said. “My kids look forward to this every year and crack me up because when I serve it to them, they’ll ask for extra poop.” Credit: Amanda L Schmitt via Storyful

Video transcript

- What? It's cake.