Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Jr. Arrested for Beating His Ex-girlfriend: Fan's Perspective

I'm not a hateful person. Being angry at people for extended periods of time expends more energy than I think is worth it, but there is one thing I really do hate: men that beat women. You see, I am one of those guys who thinks that it's a shame for chivalry to be dead, and that men across American should hang our heads in shame that we have allowed that to be a belief. It's hard to tell my younger brother that it's wrong to swear if I am running around swearing like a drill sergeant. I can't teach my sister that she should be treated right if I constantly treat my significant others like dirt (which I make a habit of not doing). How on earth are we supposed to teach a generation of young men how to treat women when their biggest idols beat them?

The most recent episode of domestic abuse comes from none other than Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. Mayweather has been given 90 days in jail, $2,500 in fines, and 100 hours of community service for beating his ex-girlfriend, twisting her arm, and threatening their children. Oh, and he beat her in front of the kids. This is an amazing guy. He pleaded guilty to lower felony charges to charges of battery, domestic violence, and harassment. Before I say what I think should happen to him in the ring, let's take a look at boxing's cousin, MMA, and how they handle discipline for out of the ring actions.

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

Aside from the most recent incident with his sister, which is under investigation, Jason Miller only has one other out of the ring incident to scar his name. While in a bar back in 2010, a guy decided it would be a good idea to shove around Miller's significant other. So what did Miller do? Exactly what I would have done. He threw one good clean punch at the guy. It's not Miller's fault it knocked him clean out due to his glass jaw. Neither here nor there.

The thing to look at here is this: Miller was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. This is not a myth. If you are trained in any form of combat and initiate a physical altercation, you can be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. With that said, I have MAC (Modern Arms Combatives) experience, as well as prior martial arts training: Anyone who has been trained knows how to avoid killing or permanently injuring someone. Though I wouldn't want to be hit by Miller myself, I doubt his intent, or force used, constitutes a deadly weapon. But he was defending a female. Either way, 30 days in jail were served, and there was no inside the octagon punishment for him. Thank you there Dana White, you have shown that even thought the law says you may be wrong, morally you did the right thing defending a woman.

Miguel Torres

Touchy subject for some of you, but hear me out. Torres made a rape joke on Twitter. Regardless of whether you think it was OK or out of line, you can at least agree with me in saying it wasn't classy. With that decided, Dana White booted him right out of the UFC. It's simply not an image he wanted attached to his organization and I can agree with that. No one in high school wanted to hang out with the kid who made them look bad, why would a massive organization want to?

Really Las Vegas?

Let's see here....Miller defended his girlfriend, got assault with a deadly weapon. Torres made a rape joke that had no merit or justification, got kicked out of the UFC. So what should WBC do, where Mayweather is a representative for them? Here's a thought: Kick him out. Strip him of any titles he has anywhere, and make a public example of him. Other fighters have been in the news recently for domestic violence, and it's time for this to stop. Now.

And Vegas, don't think you get out free and clear here. Mayweather is a trained professional. Any trained professional should know better than to put his hands on a woman. Why can one man go to jail for one solid punch on a guy who hit his girl friend, and another instead get off on a lowed plea deal. A deal lowered from felony assault. Vegas, you hold some of the biggest fighting events! Make it clear that if fighters want to show up and beat women--or anyone--outside of the ring, they will be crucified for it!

If we as the public are going to hold these figures up as idols, it's no wonder what the issue is with America's youth today.

Mack has participated in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu, and avidly follows the MMA world.