Fly-tippers dump tonnes of rubbish including filthy nappies in picturesque village

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Brazen fly-tippers left residents of a picturesque village in shock after dumping three tonnes of filthy nappies and rubbish on a peaceful country lane. The scenic area, known for its ash trees, 18th-century cottages, and stunning views, with an average house price of £400,000, has been marred by a massive pile of waste including empty paint tubs, rubble, building insulation, and household refuse.

The rubbish has covered a public bridleway near Trefonen, Shropshire, leading to widespread complaints from villagers about the increasing problem of fly-tipping. Locals have expressed their frustration, claiming police and authorities are not doing enough to tackle the issue.

One villager angrily stated: "We're out the way, don't have much police presence so the fly-tippers see us as fair game because they know they'll get away with it. I've seen more and more rubbish dumped in and around the area over the last 18 months and no one is getting a grip with it."

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Another resident called for tougher measures, saying: "Fly-tipping in the countryside is widespread but nothing is done to catch anyone. I'd like to see CCTV installed on country lanes and people who are caught simply sent to prison. Fines don't matter to these people."

Workmen have spent days clearing the waste, which blocked the path for several hundred metres, with councillors revealing that the clean up, which started last month, will cost thousands of pounds.

Andy Wilde, assistant director of infrastructure at Shropshire Council, has shared concerns about the escalating problem of fly-tipping in the region: "Sadly, and in common with the rest of the country, Shropshire has experienced an increase in fly-tipping in recent years and this recent incident near Trefonen is just one example."

He highlighted the negative impact of such activities, noting, "The illegal dumping of rubbish not only damages the environment but also costs a significant amount to remove, which is money that the council could use to support other services."

In a collective effort to combat the issue, Shropshire Council is teaming up with West Mercia Police and reaching out to residents for assistance.

Wilde emphasised the importance of community involvement stating: "The assistance of our communities really is crucial in our efforts."

He further encouraged people to play an active role by providing evidence, saying, "As well as reporting, we encourage individuals to share any relevant photos or dashcam footage that may aid in identifying those responsible for these offences. All information will be treated confidentially."