Flyer arrested at Dubai Airport for smuggling drugs in her underwear

A view of Dubai Courts.

An unusually large bottom caught the eye of customs officers at Dubai International Airport, who found the plump posterior highly suspicious.

And their suspicions proved founded when they discovered the extra kilos that the woman was carrying was not fat - but 3.5kg of cocaine in her underwear.

Dubai Court of First Instance heard yesterday how the 34-year-old woman from South Africa appeared confused while in transit at Terminal 3.

A policewoman said: “We were suspicious as she was finding it hard to walk.

“It looked like there was something between her legs. I then saw her bottom was very large. I searched her and asked her to take off her clothes - I could see something was concealed in her underwear.”

The woman confessed to smuggling the drugs when she appeared at court yesterday.

“Yes, I’m guilty. I met people in Brazil who asked me to take the drugs to South Africa. They threatened to kill me if I refused,” she told the judge.

The case was adjourned.

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