Flying ants to swarm over London as temperatures to rise to 30C

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Watch: Met Office radar detects swarm of flying ants

Flying ants could take over the UK in the next few days as temperatures soar to 30C in parts of the country.

Pest control firm Rentokil believes Britons are set to see these insects culminate in different regions as people enjoy an unexpected heatwave where temperatures in Britain will be hotter than Ibiza.

Although the grouping of ants is known as Flying Ant Day, it usually takes place over the course of several days. 

The occasion happens when a young queen leaves the nest to find their own colony.

The queen will then mate with the strongest males during the flight, before landing and starting their own colonies at a new location.

Flying ants are going to swarm over the capital as the temperatures increase (@JimothyJ/@kikistclair)
Flying ants are going to swarm over the capital as the temperatures increase (@JimothyJ/@kikistclair)

Experts from pest control firm Rentokil warned people will begin to see the swarming insects around the country as the temperatures rise in the coming days.

Paul Blackhurst, Head of Technical Academy at Rentokil Pest Control told the Daily Mail: “Each summer thousands of flying ants emerge from their nests to swarm and mate.

“Flying ants often come out in huge numbers as a survival tactic designed to overwhelm potential predators such as swifts and gulls.

“Often referred to as flying ant day, such events often occur in different areas of the country at different points across the summer months with flying ants emerging when weather conditions are favourable.”

The firm has advised people to clean up “sticky” messes and not to leave wet clothes lying around.

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Another tip includes keeping surfaces clean and clear of food to avoid attracting the insects.

The warnings come just days after the Met Office radar detected millions of bugs flying across the city last week during the finals of Wimbledon and the UEFA European Football Championship.

It tweeted: “Whilst there are a few rain showers, many of the echoes [on radar] are in fact insects.”

There have already been sightings in Torbay where large numbers of the creatures were spotted, according to Devon Live.

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