‘Flynn stuff is BS’: Donald Trump Jr. tweets up a storm during Comey testimony

Donald Trump Jr. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photo: Carlos Barria/Reuters)

As fired FBI Director James Comey delivered dramatic testimony to the Senate intelligence committee on Thursday, President Trump was silent on Twitter. He was reportedly watching at the White House with his legal team and close advisers.

But his son, Donald Trump Jr., took up the mantle in his stead, furiously live-tweeting in defense of his father and hitting back at Comey’s testimony recounting several interactions with the president he considered inappropriate. By noon, Trump Jr. had tweeted 30 times, including retweets from other accounts.

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Trump Jr. took particular issue with Comey’s testimony that the president asked him to end the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Comey testified that the president told him of an investigation into Flynn, “I hope you can let this thing go.”

Trump Jr. seized on the word “hope” as evidence it was not as forceful a statement as Comey took it to be.

Although the younger Trump maintained there was nothing improper about his father asking Comey to tamp down the Flynn inquiry, he nonetheless appeared to take issue with Comey for not more forcefully rejecting the request at the time.

He also pointed to the part of Comey’s testimony in which the ousted FBI director said he told Trump that he personally was not under investigation.

The son of the leak-obsessed commander-in-chief unsurprisingly also did not take kindly to the revelation that after his firing, Comey gave memos documenting his interactions with Trump to a friend to leak to the media.



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