Fly-tipper caught on camera dumping a dead fox on someone's front lawn

It’s not the usual waste you’d expect to catch someone fly-tipping, but this bizarre CCTV footage shows a serial offender dumping a dead fox in people’s gardens.

The clip shows the hooded perpetrator throwing the animal’s corpse onto the front lawn of a property, followed by the contents of what looks like a plastic bag, before walking on down the road.

The clip, filmed in Abingdon, Oxon, earlier this month was handed to the local council who are investigating.

Last year, Defra figures showed that councils across England had to clean up over a million incidents of fly-tipping in 2018/19, up 8% from the previous year.

The footage captured the fly-tipper brazenly dumping the dead fox on someone's lawn (Picture: SWNS)

Residents on Appleford Drive, Abingdon, where the fox was dumped, say fly-tipping isn’t new in the area, with one neighbour saying rubbish has been dumped on his and others' lawns for several weeksn.

He said: "I think the person is a local. It happens so much - usually the night before bin day.


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"He must have poisoned the fox or something - or whacked it across the head with a great big stick.

"My neighbours had the problem [with litter on their lawns] for a month, but now it's on our garden too.

Residents in Appleford Drive, Abingdon say fly-tipping has been an ongoing problem (Picture: SWNS)

He added: "I thought [the video] was incredible. But now - how do you dispose of a fox?"

An 'envirocrimes' team at Vale of White Horse District Council is currently investigating the fly-tip, which happened on Appleford Drive in Abingdon on January 7.

Anyone with any information is asked to email or call 01235 422403.