'Our Foghorn': Alaskan Malamute Howls His Way Across Norwegian Harbor

A boat horn is definitely not necessary when you have on board a dog like Angus, the Alaskan malamute seen in this video, which shows the seafaring pooch howling his way across a Norwegian harbor as he stands on the prow.

Geir Einarsen recorded the canine salute as the confident sea dog passed by.

Einarsen told Storyful that he recorded the adorable footage from his own boat back in July, as he and his wife were enjoying a vacation in Lillesand.

In the video, Einarsen’s wife can be heard howling back at the dog, provoking another howl in response.

Angus is also the star of his own Instagram account, where his owners call him “our foghorn and our sailor”, adding, “we are always safe when he is around.” Credit: Geir Einarsen via Storyful

Video transcript