Foldable Wheelchair With Collapsible Wheels Folds To The Size Of Your Carry-On Luggage

This is the world's first foldable wheelchair that fits in the overhead storage locker on a plane. Italian designer Andrea Mocellin created Revolve Air to "give a total new independence to all active wheelchair users, who commute and travel everyday". Revolve Air fits the standard universal cabin luggage size restriction on most airlines, meaning wheelchair users would no longer have to check-in their wheelchair and rely on airport assistance along their journey, giving back the freedom that many of us take for granted. Opening and folding the wheelchair is very simple and requires very little strength. Both wheels can collapse along the same hub together with the seat and the backrest, guaranteeing compactness and transportability. Its special foldable wheels even give the wheelchair an attractive, futuristic appearance when folded or not. The first prototypes are predicted to be ready for testing and certification by 2022.