Following Doctor Who's Latest Reveal About Jinkx Monsoon's Season 14 Character, I Have A Theory About Which Iconic Villain She Could Play

 Jinkx Monsoon on Doctor Who.
Jinkx Monsoon on Doctor Who.

New Doctor Who episodes are coming soon on the 2024 TV schedule, and as we approach them Russell T. Davies has been more willing to dole out details ahead of its arrival. This week, we learned more about one of the most exciting additions to the Season 14 cast, Jinkx Monsoon, and the name of her character. What's even more thrilling is that the reveal led to a theory I have about who she'll play that would make the new season even better.

The Doctor Who showrunner, who oversaw the 60th anniversary and Christmas specials that are currently available to stream with a Disney+ subscription, spoke to Empire (via Digital Spy) about Jinkx Monsoon and the upcoming episode featuring The Beatles. When speaking about the drag queen, Russell T. Davies had great things to say, but it's the name reveal of her villainous character that grabbed my attention the most:

[Jinkx] actually stepped off the stage after a Broadway run of Chicago to get straight on a plane to be the character of Maestro in Doctor Who, and I think we can say she enjoyed that part somewhat. It’s a performance and a half!

Another way to describe a "maestro" is a "master of the arts," which should set off alarm bells in the heads of many Whovians. The Master is one of the best villains on Doctor Who, and they have used different names before to conceal their identity. When The Master previously had a female identity, she was known as "The Mistress" and went by "Missy" for short. Considering this is a musically-themed episode, could The Master be playing up the premise and going with the name Maestro?

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Based on the official looks we've seen of Jinkx Monsoon's character, I could certainly buy that Maestro is The Master operating in disguise. I would think The Master would want to go into hiding and be a bit more cautious, considering The Toymaker turned them into a gold tooth in their mouth at one point. A humbling experience like that would make even an egocentric villain like The Master lay low for a time.

If Maestro is indeed "The Master," then I am a bit bummed to learn that Sacha Dhawan's time as the character is up. Dhawan was cryptic about whether he'd be a part of the new era, so it's not a complete shock, assuming this theory is true. With that said, Jinkx Monsoon could also be playing an entirely new villain, and if she is, then there's hope that Dhawan might return to the role.

Regardless of who Monsoon's "Maestro" may or may not be, I am thrilled that Doctor Who is doing an episode about The Beatles. It's far too often that pop culture shows don't pay reverence to iconic pop acts due to licensing rights. Fortunately, Russell T. Davies found a loophole in making an episode that he revealed about copyright law, which will likely mean this episode won't break the bank playing the most iconic hits of the Fab Four. Overall, the Maestro seems like a great villain for an episode like this, and it'd be such a fun twist if she ended up being an iteration of the iconic Master.

I'll be on the lookout for more on this theory as well as the premiere of Doctor Who Season 14 on Disney+ on Saturday, May 11. Those who have yet to watch the 60th anniversary and Christmas special should certainly do so, or they'll roll into the new era of The Doctor feeling a bit lost.