Following Scotland has created life-long memories for fans and families whatever the outcome

Waking up on Sunday morning, I was just hoping and praying this wasn't going to be the end of this incredible Euro journey.

Once again the atmosphere in Stuttgart ahead of the game on Sunday was truly spectacular.

The way that we have completely taken over three cities in the space of a week and a half has been quite remarkable.

It felt like a more family vibe in Stuttgart, with the majority of those who travelled in being families or couples - as well as the Tartan Army die-hards.

The younger lads who had brought the noise in Munich and Cologne must have run out of cash by the time the third leg came along - but that didn't make it any more subdued.

One of my favourite Stuttgart moments came as we watched a drunken father and son duo, splashing around in a foamy water fountain singing Flower of Scotland.

These sort of daft moments create the kind of life-long memories that can only happen when the national team sends us on an adventure at a major tournament.