'It Follows' Sequel 'They Follow' To Reunite Original Horror Film's Director And Star

Maika Monroe in 2014's
Maika Monroe in 2014's

Maika Monroe in 2014's "It Follows."

Just in time for Halloween, the news is out that an “It Follows” sequel is on the way. 

On Monday, the film production company Neon announced a part two ― titled “They Follow” ― to the hit 2014 horror film about a young woman who is followed by an unknown evil entity after a sexual encounter. 

“THEY FOLLOW. The long-awaited sequel to the modern horror classic IT FOLLOWS from David Robert Mitchell. Coming soon,” the film production wrote on Instagram to announce the return of the movie’s original writer and director to helm the sequel.

The cult classic film’s leading lady, Maika Monroe, will also reprise her role of Jay Height.

In a world where many sequels flop among critics, fans on X (formerly Twitter) appeared ecstatic over the news about the follow-up to the supernatural horror film.

“It Follows” received acclaim from critics and went on to gross $21.9 million globally on a budget of around $1 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter. 

“They Follow” has yet to announce a release date.