Dam weird weather we're having! Water torrent creates rainbows and snow

Rebecca Lewis

It's a seemingly magical world where rainbows are ever present and spray from a waterfall instantly transforms into snow. But this isn't Oz or Narnia - it is in fact the Fontana Dam in North Carolina.

The unusual phenomena occurred when the Tennessee Valley Authority ordered the dam to be opened after heavy rains filled Fontana Lake to capacity.

As millions of gallons of water tumbled down from the opened dam the droplets created rainbows, while the freezing air temperatures turned some of the spray into snow which coated surrounding trees and fields.

More downpours had been predicted after weeks of heavy rains so the Tennessee Valley Authority decided to open the dam to ease pressure in the lake.

The authority hoped to drop the water levels of the lake by a foot a day, pumping out 57,000 gallons of water per second.

The Fontana Dam, situated on the border of the state of Tennessee and North Carolina, has not been opened for over a decade.

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