These are the surprising food and drink items making your picnic really uncool

A poll has revealed the picnic basket items that people believe are really rather past-it. (Getty Images)
A poll has revealed the picnic basket items that people believe are really rather past-it. (Getty Images)

A picnic is the perfect bank holiday weekend activity for when the sun deigns to show its face – but which nibbles to pack for the park?

New research has revealed what people believe are the "coolest" food and drink items to throw in the basket.

However, the poll – commissioned by alcoholic seltzer water beverage brand White Claw – has also unveiled the culinary purchases that will instantly expose you as a bit past-it.

The results, following a survey of 2,000 individuals, show that many long-held classics of British al fresco dining are now widely considered to be seriously outdated.

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For instance, the most "uncool" picnic item of all was found to be the humble jam sandwich, closely followed by egg and cress options and then bags of crisps of all flavours.

That said, some to feature in the top 15 foods and drinks trendy types will "never" pack do make a little sense, since they've been on their way out for a while – such as ginger beer and coronation chicken.

But others to make the list – like sausage rolls and prosecco – seem rather harsh.

However, the supermarket choices the survey found did make the cut are, in some ways, equally as surprising - with craft beer or cider declared the "coolest" picnic item of all.

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Others to get the seal of approval – namely, sushi, homemade focaccia and protein bars – seem rather rogue.

But it's likely that houmous, vegetable crisps and pre-mixed alcoholic drinks have already been making their way into your basket for some time now.

What do you think?

The 'uncoolest' picnic items:

  1. Jam sandwiches

  2. Egg and cress sandwiches

  3. Bags of crisps

  4. Ginger beer

  5. Sausage rolls

  6. Quiche Lorraine

  7. Coronation chicken

  8. Potato salad

  9. Chicken drumsticks

  10. Cold sausages

  11. Pasta salad

  12. Stubby beers

  13. Coleslaw

  14. Prosecco

  15. Chardonnay

The 'coolest' picnic items:

  1. Craft beers and ciders

  2. Pre-mixed alcoholic drinks

  3. Houmous

  4. Tapas

  5. Vegetable crisps

  6. Non-alcoholic beers

  7. Cured meats

  8. Sushi

  9. Olives

  10. Protein bars

  11. Sourdough

  12. Charcuterie

  13. Tzatziki

  14. Homemade focaccia

  15. Babaganoush

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