Food expert reveals 24p kitchen staple that can help tackle diabetes while tasting great

Food expert reveals kitchen staple that can help tackle diabetes while tasting great
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A food expert has revealed a kitchen staple that can help tackle diabetes while also tasting great. Matt Webster has come up with five herbs and spices which can help people manage sugar and salt levels.

More than 4.4 million people in the UK are currently living with diabetes, meaning that many of them have had to make drastic changes to their diet in order to help manage the condition. Now, food expert Matt Webster, from Seasoned Pioneers, has come up with a list of herbs and spices that are safe for diabetics and can also help maintain sugar and salt levels.

These herbs and spices include flavourings which can transform both sweet and savoury foods. The following are his top five recommendations.


Cinnamon is one of the best spices for reducing levels of blood sugar, whether in a powdered form or using cinnamon sticks. It contains 18% polyphenols, which are micronutrients that help fight disease, and it is an antioxidant which improves insulin sensitivity.

Additionally, cinnamon has been shown to lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation in the body, and it is such a simple addition to breakfast. It can be used in porridge, fresh fruit or even in tea and coffee as an alternative to sugar.


Turmeric is another spice which boasts plenty of benefits for diabetics, as the brightly coloured, aromatic spice has been used as medicine for centuries. Turmeric contains curcumin, which has a whole list of health benefits, including supporting digestion, improving liver function and supporting heart and brain health.

Curcumin improves insulin function, reduces insulin resistance and protects beta cells which are responsible for its production. People can try adding turmeric to soups, curries, stews and scrambled eggs or simply into rice for that vibrant colour, and it also works well sprinkled in drinks like tea, coffee and smoothies.


Garlic is a cheap staple in most people’s cooking, but it is also good to know that it is one of the most powerful plants out there when it comes to health benefits. It is highly nutritious and low in calories, boosting the immune system, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol and helping to prevent a number of diseases.

For diabetics in particular, garlic is linked to lower blood glucose levels and it decreases the effects of diabetes complications. Garlic is used in most savoury dishes, adding a strong flavour and numerous health benefits.


Rosemary is a fragrant herb with powerful antioxidants, offering a lot of health benefits, including improved memory and concentration, hair growth, aided digestion, protection against bacterial infections and fighting damage to skin cells. When consumed regularly, rosemary can regulate and lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels,

Rosemary is used in things like roast dinners, mainly on potatoes, or it can be rubbed on fish and meat like lamb and chicken breast. It’s also a great accompaniment to vegetables, such as bell peppers, legumes and cabbage, and a garlic and rosemary oil dip is not only a delicious snack, but is also steeped with diabetic benefits.


Fenugreek has also been used as medicine for centuries, and the seeds have been found to be fantastic for reducing blood glucose levels, improving insulin resistance, lowering cholesterol levels and improving glucose tolerance.

Fenugreek seeds contain fibre, which is effective in slowing digestion and the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar in the body. Commonly used in Indian cuisine, fenugreek seeds are usually roasted and ground and used in curries, pickles and sauces, and fenugreek powder can be added to soups and curries, as well as steeped in tea to incorporate it into daily eating habits.

Sugar-free alternatives

Matt Webster, food expert, added: "If these spices aren’t covering your herb and spice needs, there is also an increasing number of sugar-free spices on the market. These are a great option if you’re looking for a specific spice substitute or, if you’re hosting a guest with diabetes, you can easily make the swap to a sugar-free alternative."