Food Fight: Sneaky Croc Wants a Piece of Tiger's Catch

Visitors to the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, India, were treated to a spectacular sight as a crocodile attempted to snatch a wild boar from the jaws of a tiger.

Wildlife videographer Rajat Bhandari was visiting the sanctuary in October 2020 when he witnessed the scene unfold.

“The jungle was very quiet,” he told Storyful, until they “heard a scream of a wild boar” and saw a tigress had caught it by the throat.

“While they were in their struggle of life, a crocodile decided that it wanted a piece of the action too,” Bhandari said. He recorded as the croc “came close and almost bit the tiger in an attempt to take the wild boar [into the] water.”

Bhandari said the tiger leaped aside and dragged its prey to the bushes to finish it off. Credit: Rajat Bhandari via Storyful

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