Food Review Club calls dish at Belfast restaurant Jumon 'one of the best' things he's ever eaten

Matt Davies-Binge aka Food Review Club at Jumon -Credit:Food Review Club/ Instagram
Matt Davies-Binge aka Food Review Club at Jumon -Credit:Food Review Club/ Instagram

The viral TikTok star who is the self-proclaimed "Number One Food Reviewer" in the UK has been left impressed by a Belfast vegan restaurant.

Matt Davies-Binge aka Food Review Club has nearly 10 million likes on his TikTok account and has racked up hundreds of thousands of followers across all social media platforms.

After a new-found love for the Northern Irish food scene, Food Review Club are regularly in Belfast and beyond to try out the best spots recommended to them.

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Jumon in Belfast city centre is a lively restaurant with "a big focus on flavour" - the vegan spot is known for its Asian-inspired dishes with cocktails, wines, and beers all wrapped in an "unrivalled atmosphere".

After getting lost in the city centre's one-way traffic, Matt made his way to Fountain Street because he "heard really good things about this place".

Matt got straight in and ordered the JFK (fried cauliflower with honey, sesame and rice paper) and the KFB (Korean fired broccoli with kimchi, pickled ginger and miso mayo).

Reading the menu, he said: "If you are ever going to make broccoli taste good that's the one. I'm not a huge fan of things like broccoli and cauliflower so if you can make them taste nice to me, we're off".

The cauliflower, broccoli, and tofu smalls at Jumon
The cauliflower, broccoli, and tofu smalls at Jumon -Credit:Belfast Live

As the small plate began to arrive, Food Review Club remarked how it smelt "therapeutic". Tucking into the KFB, he said: "One of the best things I've ever eaten - it's actual magic. I've got a gentle, warm heat coming from my mouth. Really subtle and an intense crip outer coating."

Taking a bite of cauliflower, he describes it as "absolute wizardry". "This is a spice, flavour, texture masterclass... absolutely mindbendingly special so far"

Matt continued: "Must have destination spot. That's blown me away - not one atom of my being wished that had meat in it."

Jumon passed the Food Review Club test with "flying colours" getting a score of 9.8. "Properly breathtaking stunning cuisine that I wish all of you at some point before you take your last breath come and try."

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