Footage appears to show a UFO floating high above the Arizona desert in broad daylight

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This crystal clear footage appears to show a UFO floating high above the Arizona desert in broad daylight. 

A couple were on a road trip to San Diego, California, when they filmed the unsettling video on March 15. 

The couple first saw the object at 7.15am as they drove into the town of Gila Bend in Maricopa County, Arizona, and watched it all the way to the town of Yuma - a distance of 116 miles. 

They are convinced that the flying object was extraterrestrial and believed that it was too large to be a drone. 

"It didn't move like a helicopter or an airplane would. It just stayed stationary in the sky, high above the mountains.

"It was too far away, too high up and too large to be a drone. It was probably the size of a truck up in the sky." 

The couple added that although they believe they witnessed an alien spacecraft, they were not afraid. 

"It was too far away to beam me up," they joked. 

According to them, the state of Arizona is considered "UFO country". 

"This was in broad daylight. 

"This area of the country - Arizona and Nevada - is notorious for UFO sightings." 

They referred to the strange incident of the Phoenix Lights in March 1997, when thousands of people spotted UFOs in a 300 mile radius from Nevada, through Phoenix, to the edge of Tucson, in a two-hour period. 

Fife Symington, the governor of the state at the time, also saw the lights in the sky and later said that he believed they were extraterrestrial, describing the incident as "otherworldly". 

Just last month, an American Airlines pilot reported an encounter with a UFO during a flight from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Phoenix, Arizona. 

The pilot radioed that an unidentified object flew over the passenger jet and described it as a long cylindrical object that looked like a cruise missile.