Footage shows fatal bus crash in Mexico which killed seven people and injured dozens more

Drone footage has revealed the shocking aftermath of a horror bus crash which killed at least seven people and injured dozens more. The bus was carrying 50 passengers when it flipped and rolled on a road south of Rosarito in Mexico on Tuesday (08/06). The fatal crash saw 44 passengers hospitalised after the incident on the Tijuana-Rosarito 2000 Corridor near Popotla at 8.40pm. A driver passed the scene about an hour after the crash and captured the tragic aftermath 15 miles south of the US and Mexico border. Video shows the overturned bus lying in a ditch, the flashing lights of the emergency services and the resultant huge queues of traffic. Heart-breaking videos also show desperate friends and family, along with police and paramedics, searching for loved ones in the wreckage. A local prosecutor said that the driver of the bus fled after the crash and is being sought by investigators. They could face between two and eight years in jail for the incident. Officials with the Rosarito office of Secretary of the Citizen Safety said the passengers returning from a trip to Tecate. They have confirmed the passengers work at the Rosarito restaurant and bars Botanero 21, Rey de los Cantaritos, Mariscos el Caimán, Coco Beach and Bar Bombay. Authorities are still not clear on what caused the bus to overturn. *This video was filmed 8th June 2021.