New footage shows people thrown from fairground ride when safety bar opens

This is the moment people were thrown from a fairground ride and slammed into the floor when the safety bar opened. Fourteen people were crammed onto the 'cliffhanger' style ride at a carnival in Lopburi, central Thailand, on Saturday (30/11) night at around 9 pm local time. But at the peak of the rotation and as the mechanical arms brought the guests down, the metal bar holding them in place came loose. Footage from bystanders shows five of the revellers fall from the seats and smash into the steel platform on the Pirates of the Caribbean themed ride. One lad was hurled over a barrier and landed on the ground - before standing up and dusting himself down. One woman from the faulty carriage remained in the row of seats. Four others hit the deck and slid along the ground from the force of falling from the moving mechanical arm. They then piled up on top of each other. Miraculously, nobody was killed or seriously hurt in the accident and the operator quickly turned off the machine. All those ejected from the ride were seen picking themselves up and walking away. Shocked onlooker, Jidapa, said: ''I was taking my young relatives to the fair and watching this ride because it looked so scary. I just heard people screaming at the top then they fell out when the ride came down. ''The people who fell out hit the floor very hard, but they kind of slid along the ground, too. One of the girls was crying because of the shock. One boy was thrown outside. ''I'm very shaken by it, too. I've never seen this happen before.'' Paramedics arrived at the scene and took those who were injured to the nearest hospital. Police also arrived and ordered the ride to close while they interviewed the owner. Local government officials were also preparing to investigate the ride.

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