Football lads on tour in Europe chip in for hotel room for family of rough sleepers

The group of five friends were on their way to Dortmund to watch Borussia Dortmund vs Werder Bremen and had stopped in Brussels, Belgium for one night.

They spotted the family of six, mum, dad and four children, rough sleeping on their way back to their hotel at around 1 am.

Ally William McCoist Day, 30, from Southampton, filmed the encounter which shows the whole family sleeping in a doorway with some makeshift beds.

Ally, a warehouse manager, said: "We were on a football trip on our way to Dortmund through Football Road Trips LTD.

"We had a night's stay in Brussels before heading off early to Düsseldorf and later on Amsterdam.

"We were out having a few drinks and on our walk back to the hotel we spotted them."

The group of lads felt heartbroken by what they saw and decided to book two hotel rooms for the family.

"We all agreed to chip in some money for two bedrooms as the beds were quite big.

"As they were homeless we told them to go straight to their rooms and not to go to reception as we had a feeling they wouldn’t allow them to stay due to their appearance.