The 5 foot care products everyone needs, according to a TikTok-famous podiatrist

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Being a podiatrist means knowing how to take good care of feet. And Dr. Ejodamen Shobowale of DeNiel Foot & Ankle Center definitely knows how to pamper her patients' tootsies, as well as her own. 

Shobowale regularly shares advice on everything from compression socks to solutions for sweaty feet on her TikTok, where she has nearly 69,000 followers — and she's always happy to share her expert advice. "The feet are the tires to the body," Shobowale tells Yahoo Life. "We need to keep them in tip-top shape."

Shobowale swears by these products to keep your feet going — and smelling nice in the process. 

Barefoot Scientist Twinkle Toes

Keep your feet smelling fresh. (Photo: Yahoo Life)
Keep your feet smelling fresh. (Photo: Yahoo Life)

The foot has about 200 million sweat glands — so no wonder things can stink after a while, especially if you've been wearing shoes all day, Shobowale says. That's why she recommends Barefoot Scientist Twinkle Toes. "It's actually a foot deodorant, so you can take your shoes off in public and not have to worry that you're going to clear the room with stinky feet," she says. 

$13 $16 at Amazon

Ebanel Urea Cream

Tackle cracked, dry feet with this moisturizer. (Photo: Amazon)
Tackle cracked, dry feet with this moisturizer. (Photo: Amazon)

Got feet that aren't exactly smooth and supple? Shobowale gives Ebanel Urea Cream two thumbs (toes?) up. This is a foot moisturizer, she explains, but it also contains salicylic acid. "The reason why I really love this moisturizer is urea, in low percentages, pulls moisture from the environment into your skin," she said. "It also breaks down thick skin" that prevents moisture from getting in," she says. The result? Softer, smoother feet. 

$16 at Amazon

ProLinc Fast Acting Callus Eliminator

Break down tough calluses with this serum. (Photo: Amazon)
Break down tough calluses with this serum. (Photo: Amazon)

Shobowale loves the ProLinc Fast Acting Callus Eliminator so much that she has a big gallon of it in her office. "We give this to any and everyone who has a callus," she says. Why is it so great? The fast-acting formula works to break down calluses while also softening the skin on your feet. "It has super concentrated chemicals that literally break down the dead skin in minutes. I recommend it to my patients, I use it myself and it is absolutely awesome for foot care," she says. 

$8 $23 at Amazon

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel

This cream helps ease foot joint pain quickly. (Photo: Amazon)
This cream helps ease foot joint pain quickly. (Photo: Amazon)

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel is a cream that you rub into painful spots on your feet to reduce stiffness and increase mobility. "This is the holy grail of topical pain relief," Shobowale says. "For anything that's causing inflammation, this is great." The key ingredient, diclofenac sodium, is an anti-inflammatory medication, Shobowale explains, making it a good aid for sprains, general aches, heel pain or swelling.

$30 at Amazon

Flyen Bunion Corrector

Ease bunion pain with this handy device. (Photo: Amazon)
Ease bunion pain with this handy device. (Photo: Amazon)

Bunions can make it miserable to do something as simple as wear shoes. That's why Shobowale recommends the Flyen Bunion Corrector. "It has silicone that helps cushion that area where you have a bony prominence," she says. "You can use this before you see your doctor or, if you're not ready to have surgery, this is absolutely necessary to help you with pain relief." Just slip it over your feet and then slip on your shoes. 

$13 at Amazon

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