Footy lover who paid £1K for Euros final ticket unable to watch match after hooligans stormed gates

A footy lover who paid over £1,000 for a ticket to the Euros final wasn't allowed in to watch the match - due to ticketless fans bursting through the gates. Thomas Harold Watson, 25, had been over the moon to get hold of a ticket to watch England play in the Euro 2020 final. But despite paying more than a grand for a ticket he was unable to watch the epic game. Thomas, from Luton, Bedfordshire, said: "I'd already had my ticket scanned, but I just wasn't allowed in - it was very frustrating after paying over a thousand pounds for it. "The police had formed a line at the top of the stairs to stop thugs that were barging through without a ticket - but even with mine in my hand I wasn't allowed through. "There were lots of people like me, who had real tickets, but it didn't seem to matter - there was one guy I stood next to who had travelled from Los Angeles just to watch, and he didn't get in either. Filmed on 11th July 2021

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