Footy-mad grandad spent the last 18 months producing a song to roar England on at the World Cup

A footy-mad grandad has spent the last 18 months recording a song to roar England on at the World Cup - despite having no musical experience.

Liverpool fan Michael Hollis, 57, wanted to raise the nation's spirits ahead of the controversial tournament in Qatar, which is being held in the winter for the first time.

So to keep people being excited about the tournament, Michael - who goes by the stage name Keepie Cuppie - launched his debut track, called 'My England'.

It took him around a year and a half to write, record and publish the song, which he hopes will appeal to all generations of fans.

And he roped in his nephew Brody to help him make a music video.

Michael, a grandfather-of-four, said: "I was just toying with the idea of making an England song and I wanted to do something completely different to what has been put out there before.

"But I liked the idea of trying to appeal to all generations.

"A lot of the songs that are out there now appeal to certain generations so I wanted to put something brand new out there for everyone to listen to.

"I'm not a singer and it's my first ever song so I've had lots of practices and re-takes and I'm not perfect but I feel like I can get away with it because of the type of song.

"My goal was just to get something out there that's a bit different and a feel good song."

England gaffer Gareth Southgate last week named his 26-man squad for the World Cup campaign, with Conor Gallagher and Callum Wilson the shock picks to make the plane.

But the build-up the tournament - which kicks off next Sunday - has been unusually low-key and largely focussed on the Qatar's suitability to host such a global event.

The nation has come under intense pressure over its treatment of foreign workers and restrictive social laws, thrusting its human rights record into the spotlight.

Michael, of Burnley, Lancs,. said he wanted to get something out there that might make people smile.

He said: "The World Cup is in winter so it's all a bit grim and with everything else going on in the world, I just wanted to get something out there.

"I just think it's a bit different because I'm not a singer and some people even tell me that I'm brave. I'm not brave but I am happy doing the song because it feels right."

And he says he is very happy and 'surprised' with the feedback so far, but hopes his song will get more streams when the World Cup starts.

He said: "The reaction has been good and I've been surprised because people have been sharing it all over Facebook.

"But I do personally think that because the World Cup has been scheduled for the middle of the football season, people aren't singing and jumping around yet.

"Normally we've had build ups to the World Cup where there has been a gradual five week build up so I'm hoping more people will take my song on board.

"There has been all good feedback though because I've tried to keep it clean and make it fun.

"I've also tried to add a bit of football culture and add a bit of Arabic techno music so it appeals to younger people as well.

"People are even saying that they want to listen to it round the pool in Ibiza."

Michael has also considered writing a song for the Lionesses as he thinks the women's team have done 'remarkably well.'

He said: "I'm toying with the idea of doing a women's World Cup song because the ladies have shown the blokes the way forward in winning tournaments.

"They've done remarkably well, so I am thinking about that.

"I did mention the idea to a friend and they said people not like a man making a women's song.

"But I do recognise the success of the ladies, probably more than the blokes and I have sat down to write the song so who knows, that might come out."

You can listen to Michael's song here