Ford Focus going strong in Europe, Active X Vignale launched (Adrian Padeanu)
Ford Focus Active X Vignale

How strong? Ford sells a Focus in Europe once every 135 seconds.

The crossover boom has kicked the Ford Focus out of the U.S. market as the current generation of the compact model is not available stateside where the Blue Oval has axed most of its passenger cars. It’s a different situation in Europe where despite what seems like an insatiable customer thirst for SUVs, there are still lots of people who just want a regular car.

Ford is happy to report Focus sales in Europe haven't been this good in 20 key Euro markets since 2015 and the company is enjoying strong demand for its compact model, with one car sold this year once every 135 seconds or 194,700 vehicles through the end of October. The fourth-gen car was launched in June last year and it has already racked up more than 250,000 sales on the Old Continent. Overall, Euro sales of the Focus have reached more than 7 million units since the original model debuted back in 1998.

Ford Focus Active X Vignale

One of the reasons why the Focus is back on track has to do with a vast lineup as there are a multitude of body styles and trim levels to choose from, with the ST hatchback and estate offered with petrol and diesel engines currently serving as the icing on the cake until a new RS arrives. Unlike the previous generations, the fourth-gen car is also offered in a lifted Active guise for the hatch and estate, and now there’s a new Active X Vignale model that combines the crossover-esque traits of the Active with the added sophistication of the plush Vignale variant.

It rides on exclusive 17-inch alloys and has black mirrors and roof for a contrasting effect. The list of equipment includes everything from LED headlights and leather upholstery to a head-up display and an Active Park Assist system.

Sporty or rugged?

Come 2020, Ford will further broaden the Focus portfolio with the launch of a mild-hybrid EcoBoost petrol engine initially announced in May. The company isn’t willing to go into any details at the time being, but the electrified powertrain will likely be similar to the one offered for the Puma crossover where a three-cylinder 1.0-litre engine and electric assistance offer a combined output of 153 bhp.

Speaking of electrification, the Focus RS might also go down this road once it will be launched later in the next decade.