Ford warns millions of drivers over UK law change and says 'lot of danger'

Ford has warned drivers over "privacy" concerns ahead of self-driving cars and motors being rolled out across UK roads. Ford chief Jim Farley has issued a critical safety warning around self-driving vehicles with concerns over data privacy.

Speaking on Yahoo Finance’s Opening Bid show, Jim replied: “Of course. But you will have to give it permission to share your data just like your phone. But absolutely and that makes the transportation industry a lot safer if the cars can talk to each other.

“We have 1,500 semiconductors in the average Ford now and it's the most technological product that I can think of. We have six to eight cameras in every car, we have radar systems, the cars are unbelievable. But they are also data capturing machines, it means we have to be really careful about people’s privacy and remotely controlling the vehicles."

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The chief of the US car maker went on, saying: “They can be remotely controlled with autonomy. They can crash into things. There are a lot of dangers with a new digitally-enabled product and our policymakers have to catch up with that reality.”

A motorist replied on YouTube saying: "Jim is a good guy. I owned 2 Teslas and like my Mach-e better. More people should give the Mach-e a try." A second said: "Tesla is already using LFP batteries… Yes they are Made in China now, but they are planning on making then in the USA next year."

"Of course Tesla is the leader, and does great things, but the Lightning and the Mach-e are very nice cars. Should Ford make even better Lightnings and Mach-es in a couple of years, they will certainly have compelling EVs to consider," a third wrote.

"I for one do not want vehicles with cameras and microphones," another said in response.