Forest of Dean roadblock: Feral boars and piglets halt traffic

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-Credit: (Image: Mike Powell/SWNS)

A group of wild boar have been caught on camera herding a group of piglets across a UK road in an area where their numbers are on the rise. In the Forest of Dean, two adult boars and about 13 piglets were seen causing a roadway obstruction.

The wild boar population within this location has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with some even timing their raiding activities to coincide with residents' bin days. Mike Powell from Lydney, Gloucestershire was driving through Viney Hill with his daughter on Tuesday, May 28, when the boars came into view.

Mike said: "Seeing boar isn't unusual, in fact I see them most days when walking my dogs - but seeing this number of juvenile boar together was something I'd not seen before."

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The wild boar and piglets
The wild boar and piglets -Credit:Mike Powell/ SWNS

According to Forestry England, the Forest of Dean is an "ideal habitat for feral wild boar". One adult boar can be seen leading the group of piglets, with the other rounding them up in the middle until they all crossed the road safely.

Mike, who spends most of his free time in the Severn estuary trying to keep knowledge of its heritage fisheries alive, shared the video across his X page @severnpiscator. He said: "It certainly is not a great spot for them but thankfully a very slow section of road."

Wild boar can stand up to 80cm at the shoulder and they normally weigh between 60–100kg. Piglets are a lighter ginger-brown, with stripes on their coat for camouflage. For more information visit here