Forget Chris Pine And Chris Evans, One Fan Thinks A Hollywood ‘Zaddy’ Got The Shaft On The ‘Top’ Chris’ List

 chris pine and chris evans on jimmy kimmel live
chris pine and chris evans on jimmy kimmel live

There is one Hollywood debate that has reigned supreme for many years now, and that is the discourse over which acting Chris is the best. Somehow, without having done any sort of national poll (from what I remember, at least) the running for that top spot has been firmly in the hands of four competitors this entire time: former Captain America Chris Evans, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt, our (sorta) current big screen Captain Kirk Chris Pine, and Thor’s Chris Hemsworth (in no particular order, obviously). But, one fan is now calling out the dubious voting process that landed these gents in the top four, noting that one “Zaddy” Chris has gotten the shaft.

Which Hollywood ‘Zaddy’ Needs To Be In The Running For Top Chris?

I feel as though anyone who has paid attention to the internet for the past couple of years will likely already know the answer to this one. Honestly, if you put Zaddy and Chris together in your brain, who comes to mind? It’s only one person, and his thirst era emerged in full in April 2021, when he returned to Law & Order: SVU to blockbuster ratings after a decade away. That man is none other than the posteriorly gifted Christopher Meloni.

The 62-year-old sex symbol recently posted a video of himself water skiing on X, which prompted this response from a fan:

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You know what? I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to call out how this particular Chris has been left out of the Top Chris conversation. My guess is that Meloni has amorous fans going back at least a couple of decades, as his time on SVU began in 1999 and quickly led to fan ships (though it wasn’t called that then) for his character, Elliot Stabler, and Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson.


Chris Hemsworth Brought Back The ‘Best Chris’ Argument Just In Time For Chris Evans’ Birthday

It’s possible that the public needed two things to happen for Mr. Meloni’s fans to speak out. First, we had to get a glut of Chrises in, basically, one spot who were all roughly the same age. Enter the MCU and Chrises Hemsworth, Evans, and Pratt, with Pine pulling up at a similar time in his own major franchise, the rebooted Star Trek. Secondly, we had to be given the viral on-set photo taken by a fan, which revealed just how bodacious Meloni’s butt is.

That’s set off two-plus years of folks talking about how hot the man is, along with his jacked physique being shown off on a magazine cover, and an absolutely hilarious nude sock commercial.

Look, we all understand that this “best Chris” competition is a tricky thing, including the Chrises themselves. Evans might have a Sexiest Man Alive title under his belt, but even he dodged the question of who was top Chris shortly after receiving the honor. And, Pine went on record saying he’d have to “really just step it up” to secure that peak spot. However, I think there’s now plenty of precedent for Christopher “Zaddy” Meloni to at least join a newly minted Top 5 Chris debate, don’t you?