Are You Forgetting Something? Cat Finds Perfect Spot in Owner's Suitcase

A cat owner in Sao Paulo may need to pack for vacations in private from now on, as it appears their kitty is quite fond of curling up in a suitcase.

Natalia Cara de Medeiros, who runs an Instagram account dedicated to her pet cat Jazz, shared footage of the feline sitting happily in her half-full suitcase to her YouTube channel.

In a caption for the video, de Medeiros said Jazz “was abandoned” along with four other cats.

“They all got adopted and she was the only one left. One of the neighbors tried to take her in, but she didn’t want to; she had chosen us… and slowly made her way into our home,” she wrote.

And it looks like de Medeiros’ home isn’t the only thing Jazz has made her way into: “Like all cats, she is very curious and loves enclosed spaces, so of course, she couldn’t resist it when she saw an open suitcase lying around,” de Mederios added. Credit: Naty’s Adventures via Storyful

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