Former 'Big Brother' contestant throws childlike tantrum on 'This Morning'

Former Big Brother contestant Andy West thinks kids should be banned from pubs
Former Big Brother contestant Andy West thinks kids should be banned from pubs

There was relative chaos on This Morning on Tuesday (November 20) as former Big Brother star Andy West ran around the studio like a hyper child.

Presenters Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes looked shocked as West threw a childlike tantrum, knocking over ornaments and climbing on furniture.

Although he wasn’t having some sort of embarrassing meltdown live on air. He was actually illustrating his point that kids shouldn’t be allowed in pubs.

There to counter his viewpoint was journalist Georgina Fuller, who claimed he was being unreasonable for wanting to ban children from all pubs.

However, West argued: “Kids turn up and they’re screaming and running. You know what it’s like. Imagine you’re having a nice romantic meal.”

He then ran across the studio, knocking objects over and exclaiming: “Then they’re running around up and down the pub. Oh no that’s gone over.”

“Get off that sofa!” shouted Schofield playfully as West climbed on top of the furniture in a totally necessary part of his demonstration.

The former Big Brother contestant then started throwing fruit around the studio, before adding: “And you’re trying to have a nice meal as a grown up. Sit down shut up.”

“It’s a point very well made. A very thorough point,” said Schofield.

Making the case against him, journalist Fuller argued: “You’ve got to be reasonable. What does that say about a society where you’re not inclusive. Pubs are part of our life and community, so our families and children.”

Viewers largely seemed to agree with West on the matter, with one writing on Twitter: “Good god yes. Why on earth do parents drag their kids to pubs? There are plenty of suitable places for families.”

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