Former cancer patient to run London marathon on wedding day in bridal dress

Isabelle Gerretsen
Jackie Scully publisher

Publisher Jackie Scully has got an extremely busy day on 23 April. Not only is she getting married, she is also running 26.2 miles in the London Marathon.

Scully, 35, will head straight from her wedding on the Cutty Sark, to the marathon start line. She won't even take a break to change into her running gear as she is planning to run the entire race in her wedding dress with her new husband by her side.

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Scully and her fiancé Duncan Sloan, 35, are the first couple to get married and then run a marathon on the same day – although some couples have got married during the run itself. The bride will wear a satin stretch, lace-covered dress, designed by Dancing on Ice star Frankie Poultney, and a pair of trainers. The groom will wear his running gear to the ceremony.

The couple are raising money for Breast Cancer Care, a charity close to their hearts as Scully was diagnosed with the stage three breast cancer in 2013, shortly after getting engaged.

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Scully said running kept her sane while she was undergoing gruelling chemotherapy. "We kept running and volunteering and it was an important part of getting through it all, to do things for charities to help other people and to keep my positive energy going," she told the Evening Standard. Her first long-distance race was the Great North Run in 2014, which she completed with an intravenous line in her arm and her acute oncology card in her pocket.

For her hen party, Scully and her friends and family completed a 10km race. Her father will run his first marathon on her wedding day.

The couple have raised over £11,000 so far and are planning to continue their fundraising efforts on their honeymoon when they will take part in a charity trek along the Great Wall of China.

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