Former Hollyoaks calls for Kurt Benson to return

Sophie Dainty
Photo credit: Lime Pictures

From Digital Spy

Former Hollyoaks star Jeremy Edwards has been calling for Kurt Benson to return – insisting that his character may not actually be dead.

Jeremy played Kurt for four years between 1995 and 1999, and was killed off screen – six months after he'd bowed out of the Chester village.

Jeremy reprised the role briefly in 2013 for Hollyoaks Later where Kurt appeared as a guardian angel figure for his old friend Tony Hutchinson.

However, Jeremy has been pondering his own character's fate following the news that James Redmond is returning to the show as Rory "Finn" Finnigan.

Speaking on Twitter following the announcement, Jeremy said to one fan: "He [Kurt] never died – it was a rumour sparked by Rob Hawthorne..."

Responding to another Twitter user – who queried if Kurt could be alive, considering he came back as a ghost – Jeremy said: "That was a dream- big difference (Tony often dreams about Kurt! )"