Former NATO policy chief says Germany is wrong not to releaseLeopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

While weapons from the West have been instrumental in countering Russian firepower, Ukraine is insisting that what they really need to make a difference is heavy battle tanks like the German-made Leopard 2.

So far Berlin has been reluctant to approve the move.

Fabrice Pothier is a former director of policy planning at NATO. He told Euronews he thinks Berlin is making a mistake in holding back.

"Failing to provide enough weapons, especially heavily-armoured vehicles would be the best way to prolong this war, and actually to even extend the war beyond Ukraine. I think that's pretty clear among most European governments - especially in northern Europe and eastern Europe - who have gone way beyond what they can."

"However, Germany is one man alone, isolated, who is not willing to do what history is asking Germany to do. And I think this is really decisive now whether Scholz will be willing to do what he has to do, basically, his rendezvous with history, which is to allow European countries to provide Leopard tanks, but also Germany to provide Leopard tanks for the Ukrainian forces to be able to defend and mount another counteroffensive in the next month," added Pothier.

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