Former Player to Return to the Lancaster Barnstormers for 2012

After excelling with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, Adam Godwin will be returning to play with the Lancaster Barnstormers for the 2012 season. Though he played part of the 2011 season with the Barnstormers and the other part of the season with the Blue Crabs, his stats during his time with the Blue Crabs were very impressive while his stats with the Barnstormers were unremarkable.

While with the Barnstormers in the first half of the 2011 Atlantic League of Professional Baseball season, he managed only a not so impressive .256 batting average and he stole only one base. He also had two RBIs. In July, the Barnstormers opted to trade the player for one of the Blue Crabs' pitchers. This proved to be a great change for Godwin and was just what he needed. While with the Blue Crabs from July of 2011 until the end of the season in late September of 2011, the outfielder showed that his great performance in college was not just a fluke. He improved his batting average from .256 to .326. He also got two homeruns, 27 RBIs and a very impressive 37 stolen bases.

Last season, the Barnstormers made it to the playoffs by taking the first half of the season. The York Revolution took the second half of the season. The Revs and Barnstormers are major rivals and the playoffs took that rivalry to the next level. In the playoff series, the Barnstormers ended up losing a very close series. The series went into the fifth and final game with the teams tied at two wins each. At the end of the ninth inning, the two were tied at 1-1. The 10th inning saw the Revs make that score 5-1, but the Barnstormers still had their turn at bat to go. Though the team mounted a great comeback, they fell just short and the game ended 5-4. The Revs went on to play the Long Island Ducks in the championship game and won the title.

Fans are no doubt hoping for a rematch against the Revs in the 2012 playoffs as well as looking forward to hopefully seeing the Barnstormers win the Community Cup.