Police officer banned from force after tweets calling Gary Lineker a 'c**t'

The ex-constable, who had twelve years of service, called Gary Lineker a "c**t" in one of his tweets. (AP)

A police force has placed a former officer on a “barred list” after he posted tweets that were "interpreted as racist and sexist".

In another tweet, the o

Edward Pitt was told by West Midlands Police he can never serve on the force again following a misconduct hearing on Wednesday.

In another tweet, he referred to Gary Lineker as a “condescending c***” following comments from the Match of the Day presenter about Brexit.

Pitt would have been fired for the 12 offending tweets - on sensitive topics like the Christchurch terror attack, the Grenfell Tower fire and the Windrush petition - but had already quit a month before.

According to the Birmingham Mail, the ex-constable, who had 12 years of service, said in another post that "Romanians who have never contributed" are "taking up hospital beds on the NHS".

In response to a tweet by Lineker about Brexit, Mr Pitt referenced the then expected date of March 31, when the UK was due to leave the EU. He tweeted: "Can't wait until March so this condescending c*** shuts the f*** up.

"Living in millionaire's row clearly never been on an NHS ward where you can't get a bed when the place is full of Romanians who have never contributed."

Birmingham, UK - 6 November 2016: Lamp Outside Birmingham Central Police Station

A concerned member of the public raised a total of 12 tweets - from 6,000 posts on his personal Twitter account - with the police watchdog.

Pitt was found guilty of gross misconduct at a hearing and would have been dismissed without notice - had he not already resigned the month before the panel.

West Midlands Police condemned the "discriminatory behaviour".

West Midlands police told Yahoo News UK: "People working for West Midlands Police must always practice the high standards that the public expect both on and off duty.

"It is clear this officer has fallen far below that standard. All forms of discriminatory behaviour and conduct are completely inexcusable and former constable Pitt will now be placed on the barred list."

The tweets, shared between June 2017 and December 2018, were deemed to be "evidence of discrimination on the basis of race, religion and sex" during the hearing.

He also shared a video of a camel being slaughtered with machetes during the festival of Eid, with the comment: "Religion of peace."

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