Former Serb paramilitary jailed for 20 years for war crimes in Kosovo

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An ethnic Serb has been sentenced to 20 years in prison in Kosovo after being convicted of war crimes.

The man — identified only by his initials G.S. — was found guilty of involvement in a massacre during the Kosovo war.

The court in Pristina heard how Serb army, police, and paramilitary forces attacked the villages of Sllovi and Terbovc of the Lipjan commune in April 1999.

G.S. was identified as among the paramilitary troops who executed 12 Kosovar Albanian men in three separate cases, after forcefully entering their houses and pushing women and children away.

In one case, they forced the wife and daughter of one of the executed Albanians to watch the killing, the court heard.

In other instances, they shot ethnic Albanians inside their courtyards or while they were moving away to hide in the nearby mountains. G.S. was later arrested in 2019.

"With these crimes, he has committed war crimes against the population in cooperation with others," said the verdict.

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