Former SLHS coach set for jury trial

Mar. 27—Although he was just indicted on March 15, a former South Laurel coach has been scheduled for a jury trial this summer.

William Trevor Goodson, 31, of Antioch, Tenn., was set for an arraignment hearing on Monday, Mar. 25 before Laurel Circuit Judge Greg Lay. Immediately after Goodson was indicted on March 15, Commonwealth Attorney Jackie Steele filed a motion for "Speedy Trial" with reference to KRS 421.510.

That motion was presented during Monday's hearing, with Laurel Circuit Judge Greg Lay scheduling the jury trial for July 29.

Goodson is charged with first-degree sexual abuse, unlawful transaction with a minor in a sex act, use of a minor in a sexual performance, procure or promoting use of a minor by electronic means and third-degree rape.

The victim is the case was 13 years old at the time of the incidents, and that factor is referred by Steele's request for a speedy trial.

"In this case, Defendant (Goodson) is charged with sex abuse in the first degree with a minor under the age of 16, unlawful transaction with a minor under 16, rape in the third degree with a minor less than 16 and use of a minor in a sexual performance, KRS (Kentucky Revised Statutes) 531.310 all of which are sexual offenses as defined by statute or specifically enumerated in KRS 421.510," the motion reads.

"Wherefore, the Commonwealth respectfully requests that the Court grant its motion for a speedy trail, considering and giving weight to the age of the victim and the adverse impact of having this matter linger in the judicial system on the child victim's life and well-being."

Lay approved that request, setting the final pretrial date for July 22 but the jury trial on July 29. He also allowed Goodson the opportunity for Home Incarceration on the bond conditions — one of which is no contact with the victim. While the use of electronic devices in situations such as this are also prohibited, Lay did allow the bond conditions to be amended for Goodson to obtain a land line phone. Land line phones are necessary for the proper recording processes by home incarceration companies.

Details surrounding Goodson's case have been limited, with most known information being listed in the indictment. Goodson's records were initially sealed by Laurel District Judge Wendell "Skip" Hammons, and Goodson's case was waived for a preliminary hearing at the district court level. That occurred due to Goodson's case having been presented to a Laurel grand jury the day before the preliminary hearing was held.

Goodson was a girls basketball coach at South Laurel Middle School and an assistant girls basketball coach at South Laurel High School. After allegations regarding Goodson's actions arose, he resigned from his positions.

Goodson's bond was set at $75,000 cash bond on his arrest on March 2. However, records from the Laurel County Correctional Center's website shows that Goodson was released on March 22 — three days before his arraignment in circuit court.