Former solider who got a job to stop him 'dying of boredom' finally retires aged 91

Fiona Simpson
Joe Bartley has finally retired aged 91: ITV News

A 91-year-old military veteran who got a job as waiter after placing an ad in the local paper saying he was “dying of boredom” has finally retired.

Joe Bartley, from South Devon, sent an advert to the Herald Express saying he couldn’t face sitting at home with nothing to do.

He pleaded with potential employers to “save me dying from boredom” and secured work as a waiter at Cantina Restaurant in Paignton in 2016.

Now the pensioner has finally hung up his apron following a major operation.

He told the BBC: “I was bored stiff sat there doing nothing and not seeing anyone.”

Joe Bartley, who has retired at 91, with former colleagues at Cantina restaurant (Cantina/Facebook)

Asked if the job sated his boredom, he said: "Yes it did. The main thing is I felt like a working man again."

Mr Bartley became a local celebrity after posting the ad two years after the death of his wife.

The advert posted in a local newspaper by Joe Bartley (ITV News)

"Some of the customers remember me and stop and have a chat," he said.

Despite his retirement, Mr Bartley said he still visits the restaurant “as often as I can.”

Restaurant owner Kate Allen said he had been "a breath of fresh air".

She added that customers still ask for him and told the BBC: "Joe is still a friend and we speak on the phone regularly."