Former Steelers linebacker Greg Lloyd arrested after he allegedly pulled gun on his wife

Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Greg Lloyd was arrested last month after he allegedly pulled a gun on his wife in their home. (Getty Images)

Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Greg Lloyd was arrested in July after he allegedly pulled a gun on his wife and threatened to shoot her, according to TMZ Sports.

According to the report, Greg’s wife, Stephanie, told police that he pointed a gun at her in their home on July 20, and “told me that if I f— up I’m going to get one.”

Stephanie then left the house and drove away. However, she said Greg continued to threaten her over the phone and said, “Doing stupid s— like this is how you end up in the morgue.” She also said that Greg “insisted” his gun was not loaded, but that she was still scared.

Greg has denied the allegations.

The 53-year-old was arrested on July 27 and charged with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor pointing a gun at another person. Stephanie has been granted a restraining order that will prevent Greg from being within 200 yards of her until August 2019.

“I have battled all types of abuse from my husband for years hoping that things would at some point get better,” Stephanie said. “I do not feel safe anymore.”

Stephanie also said that Greg “has a history of pointing guns at other people.” According to TMZ, Greg was convicted of pointing a gun at another person in the early 2000s.

Greg was in the league from 1988-98, playing 10 seasons with the Steelers and one with the Carolina Panthers. The five-time Pro Bowler had 707 tackles and 54.5 sacks in his career, the sixth-best in Steelers history, and was a 2018 NFL Hall of Fame nominee.

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