This former US Marine lost almost 200 lbs. through cycling to be healthier for his son

A former Marine lost a staggering 180lbs by cycling twice a day on a swanky Peloton bike in a bid to get healthier for the sake of his son. Bryan Hurley, 34, started pedalling to lose weight after deciding he wanted to shed weight so that he could be around longer for his son, Kevin, two. "When I got out of the Marines, I put on a hundred and something pounds in a few years," said the construction equipment salesman from Buffalo, New York. "My son was born and once I saw him, I just knew I wanted to lose as much as I could to stay around for him as long as I could. "I decided I needed to live longer, so I got into cycling and in the last two years ended up losing about 180lbs." A former Marine corporal for five years, Bryan left service in 2012 and by 2017 he had ballooned to 365lbs. When his son was born in in 2018, he started doing light cycling to lose weight, but he didn't get serious about it for another year. He went on to buy a trendy Peloton standing bike which currently retails at $1,895. "When he turned one and started walking and moving around, that's when I was like 'I have to start making something happen and I started going for it,'" Bryan said. "I bought a Peloton and cycled twice a day every day for the first three months and that's where the progress started," he said. Bryan now cycles five or six times a week. "I just did 140 miles this last weekend over Friday, Saturday and Sunday," he said. "It was about a total of six and half hours. "It's something I really enjoy now." He's also switched his diet from eating out and drinking often to steering clear of alcohol and choosing healthier foods. "Once I started working out it was just the mindset of not wanting to put that back in your body," he said. "I've probably drank twice this year and maybe eaten out twice. It's pretty much home cooked meals now: a lot of grilled chicken and a lot of fresh vegetables." Bryan added that cycling is an activity that works well with his physical ailments. "I have a lot of issues with my back, knees, elbows, and joints," he said. "When I started putting on the weight that didn't help anything and it made it a lot harder to work out. "I can't go for a run, but cycling is low impact and a lot more beneficial." Six foot, five inches and currently 180lbs, Bryan is now working towards gaining some weight back. This video was shot within June 2021.

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