Former US Vice President Joe Biden has revealed his favourite Obama bromance meme

Chloe Chaplain
BROTUS: Barack Obama and Joe Biden: Getty Images

It was an era many people will remember fondly – the time of the Obama-Biden memes.

As Barack Obama left the White House, the internet was awash with humorous pictures celebrating his close relationship with former Vice President Joe Biden.

And now it has been revealed Mr Biden has seen the memes and even has a favourite of his own.

His daughter, Ashley Biden, was giving an interview to Moneyish when she mentioned that she had been the one to tell her dad about his viral “bromance” – otherwise known as BROTUS.

Bromance: Mr Biden revealed this image was his favourite meme (@TheDiLLon1)

She said her dad “sat there for an hour and laughed” when he was told he had become an internet sensation.

And, according to Ms Biden, his favourite one is an image of him hugging the former President whilst his wife Jill embraces the former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The caption jokes about the pair’s eight-year partnership, suggesting Mr Biden is trying to persuade Mr Obama to leave his wife for him.

The witty memes provided a light comic relief following the shock of the election result and a controversial election campaign.

The multitude of photos of the pair together have been captioned with funny comments casting Mr Obama as the logical realist and Mr Biden as the young rebel – infatuated with his political partner.

A Twitter account, @bidenandobama, that collated some of the memes, had almost 30k followers less than a week after it was opened.