‘Fortnite’ Anarchy Acres Treasure, Gas Station Locations Week 5 Challenge Guide

Chris Groux

Fortnite ’s Week 5 Challenges are live so we’ve put together one guide to help you solve all the tough ones. Let’s visit Gas Stations, find some treasure at Anarchy Acres and Search Chests in Moisty Mire.



Use the map below to get to this exact location. It’s right by Lone Rock, which makes it pretty hard to miss.

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Anarchy Acre Treasure Map Location

The treasure in Anarchy Acres is located here by Lone Rock. Epic Games/wastelanderfa @ reddit

Here’s what the exact location looks like if you need that too.

'Fortnite' Anarchy Acre Treasure Location

This is what the Anarchy treasure location looks like. Epic Games/Fortnite Battle Royale Clips @ YouTube



As seen in the map below, there are many places to find three Gas stations. If you need more visuals, here are three exact locations to get you started.

'Fortnite' Gas Stations map

Here’s every Gas Station location for the Week 5 Challenge. Epic Games/__Kaneda__ @ Reddit

1) Lucky’s Landing

'Fortnite' Gas Station Lucky

A Gas Station at Lucky’s Landing Epic Games/DooM Clan @ YouTube

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2) Salty Springs

'Fortnite' Gas Station Salty

A Gas Station at Salty Springs Epic Games/DooM Clan @ YouTube

3) Tomato Town

It’s a pretty easy challenge despite being labeled as “Hard.” Just follow this map and redeem your Battle Stars.

'Fortnite' Gas Station Tomato

A Gas Station in Tomato Town Epic Games/DooM Clan @ YouTube



Here are all the Moisty Mire chest locations from a top-down perspective. We’d suggest completing this challenge in Blitz Mode because chest spawns are increased in Blitz. Search by trees and large landmarks, and you should have no problem finding the loot you seek.

'Fortnite' Moisty Chest Map

Here are all the Moisty Mire chest locations from a top-down perspective. Epic Games/DooM Clan @ YouTube

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In case you need them, here are some specific locations:

1) Moisty Chest Location 1 [Multiple]

'Fortnite' Moisty Chest 1

Multiple chests can be found here in Moisty Mire. Epic Games/DooM Clan @ YouTube

2) Moisty Chest Location 2

'Fortnite' Moisty Chest 2

A second Moisty Mire chest location Epic Games/DooM Clan @ YouTube

3) Moisty Chest Location 3

'Fortnite' Moisty Chest 3

A third Moisty Mire chest location Epic Games/DooM Clan @ YouTube

4) Moisty Chest Location 4

'Fortnite' Moisty Chest 4

A fourth Moisty Mire chest location Epic Games/DooM Clan @ YouTube

That’s all there is to it for Week 5’s most frustrating challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. As with all challenges, make sure you finish each match for the progress to register. Quitting will do you no good if you want to add tiers to your Battle Pass.

Fortnite is in early access across PS4, Xbox One, PC and iOS. Thanks to YouTube’s DooM Clan for helping us finish these challenges.

What do you think of Fortnite’s Week 5 Challenges? Were you able to complete these three tough ones? Tell us in the comments section!

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