Fortnite maker vs Apple – judge hears closing arguments in explosive legal drama

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The judge in the case of Fortnite-maker Epic vs Apple has heard closing arguments in an anti-trust case centring on Apple’s App Store business model.

Federal Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers quizzed both sides’ attorneys for three hours about how far she could - and should - go to potentially change Apple’s charging model.

App makers and regulators around the world are watching the trial as Gonzalez Rogers decides whether it's reasonable for Apple to take such a large slice of commission while stopping the likes of Epic from using its own payments system instead.

Time’s nearly up: Russia’s communications watchdog, Roskomnadzor, gave Google 24 hours to delete what it called prohibited content - or face a fine and further internet slowdowns.

The watchdog said they had sent more than 26,000 calls to Google to remove illegal information.

Indian police say officers visited Twitter’s offices in an investigation into the social media giant’s tagging of a post by the country’s ruling party as “manipulated media”.

New Delhi police says officers visited Twitter’s local office to serve notice it was being investigated, while the social network has yet to comment.

A blind man can now partially see with thanks to algae, Charlie Bit my Finger comes off Youtube and is now available in NFT form, and Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is the first to sign a bill penalising tech firms that “deplatform” politicians. Plus, if you’re triggered by the sound of chewing a “supersensitised” brain connection may be the reason why.

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