‘Fortnite’ Taco Shop Locations & Moisty Mire Treasure Map Challenge Guide

Chris Groux

Fortnite ’s Week 9 Challenges are live, and we want you to complete them all. In this guide, we’ll reveal all possible Taco Shop locations and show you how to find the hidden treasure in Moisty Mire.



One of the strangest challenges is to visit three Taco Shops in a single match. In order to do that, you need to visit three of these locations as marked on the map below.

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Fortnite Taco Shop locations Moisty Mire star

This combined Week 9 Challenge map reveals all Taco Shop locations and the Moisty Mire star. Epic Games/delqhic @ Reddit


Here’s some additional info and screenshots in case you need that too.

1) Tomato Town: Just north of the Restaurant. It’s behind the ice cream truck.

Fortnite Tomato Taco Shop

Look behind the truck in Tomato Town for a Taco Shop. Epic Games/GamesRadar @ YouTube

2) Soccer Stadium: Look to the north of the stadium between Tilted Towers and Snobby Shores.

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Fortnite Soccer Taco Shop

Between Tilted and Snobby you’ll find another shop. Epic Games/GamesRadar @ YouTube

3) Tilted Towers: There are small buildings in the west side of Tilted Towers. Go there.

Fortnite Tilted Taco Shop

Look for small buildings in the west of Tilted Towers. Epic Games/GamesRadar @ YouTube

4) Retail Row: Right in the center where the “I” in Retail is.

Fortnite Retail Row Taco Shop

Head towards the “I” in Retail Row for another shop. Epic Games/GamesRadar @ YouTube

5) Between Shifty and Flush: Just east of the giant chair.

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Fortnite Chair Taco Shop

East of the giant wooden chair is a Taco Shop. Epic Games/GamesRadar @ YouTube

Be sure to enter three of these in a single match and you’ll get your Battle Stars.



In order to complete this challenge, you must head east of Retail Row. Diagonally from the compound structure, you’ll see two houses. It’s marked on the combined Week 9 Challenge map above.

Fortnite Moisty Mire treasure location

The Moisty Mire treasure can be found here. Epic Games/ExoticMoTioN @ YouTube

The exact location is on top of this house with two chimneys. Grab the Battle Star and profit!

Fortnite is in early access across PS4, Xbox One, PC and iOS. Progress in these challenges carries over across all platforms.

What are your thoughts on Fortnite’s Week 9 Challenges? Were you able to locate all the Taco Shops and the treasure in Moisty Mire? Tell us in the comments section!

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