‘Fortnite’ Trap Elimination Guide: Best Way to Get Kills With Spikes

Steven Asarch

Traps are among the most difficult weapons to get kills with in Fortnite . Unlike a speedy assault rifle, traps just lie on the floor waiting to be fed a kill. Getting kills with your spiky friends who just want to feast on other players’ blood can be a difficult dilemma. For Week 4 of the Fortnite Battle Pass challenges, players will have to get at least one elimination using traps, forcing the no-skins of the battle royale to panic.

If you’re having trouble getting kills with traps, allow us to offer you a few pieces of advice.

What is a Fortnite trap?

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Traps in Fortnite can be difficult to get kills with Epic Games

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A Damage Trap is a floor tile that can be placed on any flat surface you’ve already built. When enemies walk in front of it, spikes emerge and deal 75 damage to players caught in its gnarled maw. In a recent patch, Epic Games reduced the damage from 125, making many players wary of the usefulness of the tool. Like C4 explosives, you have to wait for an enemy dumb enough to walk directly in front of an obviously telegraphed danger to get a kill. Like the fawn that tries to lick the tip of the hunter’s gun, it’s possible to find an unfocused player to walk directly into danger, but patience is key.

How do you get kills with Fortnite traps?

This question would plague even the most rigorous philosophers of ancient Greece. How does one get an enemy to kill themselves? You can predict an enemy’s movement and drop a trap in their path, but that’s difficult and impractical. One false move, and they survive the attack and shoot you dead. Leaving traps in houses is a classic way to get kills, even the Fortnite Twitch god Ninja has fallen to roof spikes every once in awhile.

Another option is to place traps near a loot chest or pinata, then wait for a sucker to come and pick up the bait, but it’s also possible for them to leave unscathed. Just look how difficult it was to get this kill from the Fortnite reddit.

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My first and last trap elimination from r/FortNiteBR


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You can also be sadistic and down a player, then build a trap around him . But that’s a fairly savage technique.

If you’re a competent enough builder, there is a consistent way to get a trap kill. Building four walls around an enemy that can’t escape and then placing traps on top of them will net you a kill. Trapping an enemy like a small rabbit can be difficult, but a competent player can pull it off. Ninja loves getting kills like this, reveling in the misery of a stranger who’s victory royale was snatched away by the weakest weapon. Just watch this reddit user win a game and complete his challenge at exactly the same time.

How to complete the trap challenge and win at the same time from r/FortNiteBR

What’s the craziest way you’ve ever killed somebody in Fortnite? Tell us in the comments.


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